Master Kelly Rogers
Master Rogers began her Martial Arts journey quite differently than most Professional Taekwondo instructors. She was a homeschooling mother of four children who were beginning their journey towards black belt at the Tae Ryong Taekwondo School-Pt. Mugu Naval Base. As she sat on the “bench” watching her children fulfill their physical education requirements, she became aware of how taekwondo was also influencing them in other areas: attention, focus, confidence, self-control and discipline. It wasn’t long before she desired the same influence and began training alongside her children for her blackbelt.
She stepped onto the mat for the first time with an invitation from Grand Master Shin who noticed her dedication to her children’s lessons. Since then she has won numerous local, national, and international competitions. Her passion for taekwondo was something that was not confined to the mat as a student or competitor; an educator at heart, she found the atmosphere in which she wanted to invest her skills. Grand Master Shin took notice of her abilities and wanted to teach her what was necessary to run a successful school. He offered her the opportunity to work in the office and to later become the office manager at the Tae Ryong headquarters. She invested several years in the office and being trained as an instructor.
Master Rogers’ focus and perseverance, along with her motivation to strive for excellence, are foundational in what Grand Master Shin expects in his instructors. Although many women have gone before her to achieve black belts and master titles, her passion for taekwondo and teaching caught Grand Master Shin’s attention which is why she is the first woman to graduate from “the bench”, “the training floor”, “the administration office” and finally to her own Tae Ryong location. Tae Ryong Taekwondo School - Washington, is the first in Washington State and will undoubtedly grow due to the teaching experience, on the mat and in the classroom, Master Rogers brings her students.
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