Master Nares
Master Tony Nares holds a 4th Degree Black Belt, or 4th Dan. He has been training under Grand Master Shin for over 20 years. After attempting soccer at age 4, he realized it wasn't the sport for him. Through an inevitable twist of fate, and a fear of running around the soccer field with kids he had never seen before, this lead to Master Nares' legacy at Tae Ryong Taekwondo School. Not a bad idea for a kid who was the greatest Power Rangers fan ever…and still is.

Growing up in a bad neighborhood, he was constantly surrounded by mischievous individuals with questionable behavior. With the assistance of Grand Master Shin, positive reinforcement, and daily encouragement to strive for excellence that Tae Ryong consistently thrives to provide, Master Nares avoided following the wrong crowd and became the mature, well-disciplined man he is today. Through his hard work and dedication, he has been a member of the studio's demonstration team since age 7. Master Nares has had the privilege of teaching at three Tae Ryong schools and is currently the chief instructor for the Newbury Park location.

"Nothing pleases and motivates me more, than giving back to my students and seeing the positive impact they're achieving, becoming the true leaders of tomorrow." -Master Tony Nares
@ Newbury Park
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