Master Hutchinson
Master Scott Hutchinson came from very humble beginnings before reaching success as a Taekwondo Instructor and businessman. Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he began training in Taekwondo on a military base under Grandmaster Shin's first black belt instructor, Master Joe Oullet.
Like all prospective Tae Ryong black belts, Master Hutchinson was presented before the Grandmaster. He was so impressed by his physical skills and mental sharpness that he was offered to come to California and teach at his school. Master Hutchinson seized this opportunity and made the move across the country to begin his new life as a Tae Ryong instructor in California.
Since then he has been an accomplished competitor, winning championship after championship from every major event in California. In 2000, he opened his own Tae Ryong Taekwondo school in Westwood, Los Angeles.
Today, Master Hutchinson is a family man with roots deep in West Los Angeles. His school continues to constantly grow. His competitive nature fuels and inspires his students to do the same. Although he has so many accolades and accomplishments in his life, probably his greatest achievement is his ability to communicate and reproduce his work ethic, integrity and positive attitude to his students who have also become champions, not only in martial arts, but in life as well.
@ Los Angeles
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