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Bakersfield welcomed Tae Ryong Taekwondo School and 7th Degree Certified Black Belt (Kukkiwon) Master Hyo Bang in November of 2008. The studio is conveniently located in Northwest Bakersfield on the corner of Hageman and Calloway overlooking the beautiful Riverlakes Golf Course. Word has spread quickly of Tae Ryong’s commitment to excellence and Master Bang’s superior quality of instruction. Preschoolers through adults currently enjoy the engaging, gratifying and challenging classes offered.
What makes us different from other Bakersfield taekwondo schools? Tae Ryong is committed to making every individual reach his or her potential both physically and mentally. To Master Bang, life-skills training are equally important as martial arts training. This creates an environment where students are expected to apply responsibility, confidence, focus, loyalty, leadership, and perseverance not only to their training, but to school and work as well. Stop by to see what you’ve been missing and become part of the Tae Ryong Family!
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